· Creative Direction
· Transmedia stortytelling
· Worldbuilding
· Experience Design

Hola, amigos.

If you ever got in touch with the Caroverse, you might know that my whole existence has a beautiful layer of magic realism that makes my life story quite random, colorful and entertaining.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, a creative director, an experience designer, a world builder. I have co-created 18 virtual reality experiences at Future Lighthouse, working hand by hand with the Big Fishes (Oculus, UTA, Sony Entertainment…), being awarded in the most prestigious festivals around the world (Venice Film Festival, Tribeca, Cleveland Film Festival, Raindance, Oxford Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival…).

I produced immersive experiences in the real reality with Cocina Sagrada, Experience House, Sandbox, The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Design Science Studio (Buckminster Fuller Institute) and others. I participated in 3 regenerative land projects in Costa Rica, I’ve written and designed a transmedia story using spatial media (Pilgrim Anecdotes into the Multiverse) and now I’m working on my second book, Fata Morgana. I have written interactive screenplays (Parousia). I created more than 20 2.5D interactive worlds in Topia.io, included one for Burning Man 2020. I created a program on Creative Problem Solving using Design Thinking. I helped many, many, many people with their inverstor pitch decks, taking the project from 0 to 1 in order to raise their first round.

I’ve crossed paths with brilliant minds who took the time to mentor me, like Rafael Pavón, Nicolás Alcalá, Tibetan Monk Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche, Samurai Zen Takai, Atabey Waters, Brayden Meerstra… Deeply grateful for all their teachings, their love and their infinite support.

After a lot of exploration is clear to me that I only want to collaborate in projects that aim to be regenerative, have a deep impact, are related to mental health, education, and are extremely creative and magical. I want to help humans to connect to themselves, others and Nature, to get inspired, to spark joy. I want to help them (us) to remember.