· Creative advertising
· Transmedia stortytelling
· Pitch designer
· Marketing strategist

Listen, I don't want to work. I want to play. I-want-to-have-fun. Let's create shiny things... because you never have enough glitter in your projects.

I’m Caro Avedano, an unicorn, a self-starter, passionate about creativity, life and stories.

Born in Madrid, based in Vancouver. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, I started my journey working at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, one of the biggest and most recognizable advertising agencies in the world. Then I jumped into the unknown joining the immersive studio Future Lighthouse as a creative and comms lead.

Storytelling and virtual reality, why not?

At Future Lighthouse we’ve created 18 VR experiences, working hand by hand with the Big Fishes (Oculus, UTA, Sony Entertainment…) and being awarded in the most prestigious festivals around the world (Venice Film Festival, Tribeca, Cleveland Film Festival, Raindance, Oxford Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival…) with Melita, Campfire Creepers (directed by Alexandre Aja, starring Robert Englund), Snatch VR Heist Experience (Sony Entertainment, starring Rupert Grint)...

Future Lighthouse was i n t e n s e.

In 2018 I moved to Vancouver, where I've been having fun at YVRFF (Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival) and I had the opportunity to coordinate the launch campaign for the Paramount film "I Am Martin Luther King Jr". Right now I'm working as a creative advisor and graphic designer for amazing projects (Hammer and Tong, Reimagine End of Life, Bella Gaia...) while I'm starting my own company with Nicolás Alcalá, Cocina Sagrada, an experience design collective. Stay tuned.